Thursday, 26 September 2013

Rag Mirage / Wigan revenge

Two games in quick succession at the Etihad has yielded 9 goals and performances full of rich attacking play that any supporter would gratefully indulge in.

I'll start with the obvious. The demolition job on the Rags on Sunday. I have revelled in the analysis and opionion pieces that either neutral or City/Utd bias media have been producing these past few days. No matter which way you shape it, they took an absolute pasting.

I had written in my previous post that this would be this City team's - under Pellegrini - first real test, a litmus test if you will. To see how they match up against an opposition who would be described as 'elite' and would offer a more recognised match in terms of being a fellow champ league team as well as the (incomprehensible after this match) fact that they are reigning champions from last season.

How Utd's artificial challenge turned out to be perceived by City on Sunday 
Well....they were dismantled. It was tremendous stuff. The nervousness and stomach churning that I felt from the beginning quickly subsided as I and every single human being that ever lived or was alive could see that Utd were so piss poor in every department and City simply dominated. I have never felt more comfortable watching such a built up pressurised big game than I did sitting on my sofa on Sunday afternoon. You just knew that every single time City had the ball, they would produce something and could see that Utd were so bad that they would be zero threat when they were in possession trying to get the ball doing anything of moving around.

I guess we will actually have to wait until next Wednesday against Bayern Munich before we can see how this City team will really match up against top opposition. Because clearly this game, against probably the most awful Utd side in my lifetime, was not the yard stick City and observers were looking for to determine what this team can really do. It did offer some sublime memories though and the deserved right to slap it up to our ghastly rivals. I will enjoy these highlights again and again and again......

Quick mention on the League Cup match against Wigan. 5-0. Nuff said. Let's now erase that FA Cup Final loss out of our minds forever.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Derby day Looms.... Whatta ya got??!

A splendid opening victory away to Plzen in our third consecutive Champ League outing and everyone is a bit rosier as we head towards this Sundays Manc fest.

Watching the game though, I was somewhat frustrated and found myself wondering..... Apart from the 10min blitz (and various other chances granted) there was still a few worrying signs which made me think that if City were playing a more robust team, they could would be punished.

YaYa lines up a screamer
 Now we've faced the assumed 'easier' fixtures to the start of our Premier League Campaign and aside from the hilarious opening fixture at home to Newcastle, City have not exactly set the world alight. Newcastle were particularly poor that evening and you could say that Plzen despite reaching the highest European stage, are still a recognised deficient team and should be dismantled upon contest. Both teams accordingly were put to the sword by City.

So to my wondering - City have not yet performed to a world class standard against a solid, top of table, organised, etc team. Its early days yet but this Sunday you feel will be the litmus test of where the Citizens currently stand. Yes we scrapped past Hull, f'd up against Cardiff and just about got out of Stoke with a point. Exponents will argue and point towards the results against Newcastle and Plzen, but its not enough for me I'm afraid.

Whatta Got? Whatta Got?!
Bring on the Rags. Let's see what new boys Fernandinho, Navas and the old campaigners YaYa, Kompany and Hart can do after an indifferent start to the 13/14 campaign. I believe that it takes time with a new coach, Pellegrini's vision of his City team is still to be presented to the world. What better time to exhibit the engineer's City than at home this Sunday.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Knobbly knees

Confounded and annoyed. Martin Demichelis has now succumbed to a knee injury and follows captain Kompany on the injured CB list. Ahhhh!

I'm sticking with my opinion that Boyata should be given his chance. He is a CB by trade and although young, has still had prem league experience and competency in that position which remains to be seen with the likes of Javi Garcia (what exactly does Javi Garcia do?!).

I suppose Nasty and Lescott can link up again, but seriously how frustrating is it to find out our CB cover that was deliberatly brought in for a short term injury to Kompany is now injured himself! I guess its football and we've got as good a squad as anyone so should cope.

Instead of worrying about the defensive frailties, lets just score a hatful of goals each match to compensate eh? Lets just hope that no one else comes back crocked from the International break.....